Most individuals join the group through an introduction by an existing member who is willing to sponsor them. We are, of course, are happy to have you join the group with or without a sponsor; the process is the same. We need to hear from your directly.

If you are currently or have been a CTO, VP, or Director within your organization’s technology team, with one or more teams reporting to you, this group is for you and we’re excited to join forces.

Please send an email to with some additional context that answers the following:

  • What value or contribution do you see yourself making to the group?
  • What is your experience and position at a high level? (linkedin profile welcome)
  • What questions do you have about the group?
  • What can the Chicago CTO Group do for you?

If you know an existing member who is willing to sponsor you, please CC them on your introductory email.

We will be glad to meet up for coffee and introduce you to the group.